More than 5 million smallholder cocoa farmers worldwide produce some 4 million tons of cocoa beans every year, but struggle for decent livelihoods. In West Africa, accounting for 70% of world’s production, farmer incomes are less than $2 a day while they rely on cocoa for 60-90% of their earnings. Despite numerous initiatives and substantial investments from the cocoa industry in the past decade, many challenges prevail such as child labor, mixing of non-certified with certified beans, and poor transparency of premium distributions.

Only full traceability of beans from individual producers to customer and true socio-economic development at the farmer level will secure a sustainable cocoa source for now and the future. Our cocoa sustainability strategy is built upon these 2 pillars, also known as our Cocoanect Chain and Cocoanect Generation promises.

Our certified sustainable cocoa beans are internationally approved by UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance, and/or Fairtrade standards. On top of that we build partnerships with other public- and private sector organizations to customize projects and increase impact.

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