Connecting suppliers with the market is what Cocoanect does best. We are proud of our extensive supply network that covers 3 continents and passionate about maintaining and expanding this even further. We partner with different kinds of suppliers, from large shippers that solely trade commercial cocoa in bulk to partners who specialize in (sustainable) fine and flavor cocoa with limited availability. We recognize that every supplier has different needs. In order to service these needs, we have our people present in origin, always ready to give support where needed.

Besides the regular service we provide in terms of market intelligence, financial risk management and export services we see, in some cases, that our partnerships with suppliers flourish to such extent that further collaboration follows. This is when Cocoanect decides to add even more value to your product and will invest in the development of CSR programs on the ground. These programs will be in line with our CSR values and will always have the farmer and the environment at heart.

Our sourcing mission is to grow your business together in a sustainable way, using your expertise and strength to the fullest. If you are not yet a Cocoanect supplier please do not hesitate to get in contact with us through our contact form . Tell us your story and we’ll come back to you promptly to discuss the possibilities to start growing your business for the future.