About us

Cocoanect is truly passionate about cocoa. Being real chocolate lovers, it is our ambition to connect the world’s best cocoa with the industry of chocolate makers. In doing so, we match the expectations from farmers, who produce good quality cocoa, with the expectations of grinders and chocolatiers in the most efficient and effective manner. We wish to connect origins to markets, farmer organizations to customers and traceability to sustainable development! 

Cocoanect positions itself as a lean and mean company with a strong focus on operational excellence.
 Excellent knowledge, highly qualified staff and high level company and market information are the drivers for such excellence.

Our business model is innovative through its focus and reliance on strategic partnerships with cocoa bean suppliers, and also with clients and service providers.

The headquarters of Cocoanect are based in Rotterdam, the largest port of Europe. Cocoanect’s management has more than 25 years of operational and commercial management experience in cocoa. The experienced trading team is supported by an office in Ivory Coast as well as representatives in Ecuador, Indonesia and Nigeria.

Cocoanect is part of the Count group of Companies. Count’s vision is to create value through its role as a leading multi commodity and renewables originator and distributor in global commodity and renewables trading and logistics. The company is active in several commodities other than cocoa, such as coffee and oil as well as in renewables, such as Used Cooking Oil.

Please visit their website on www.countcompanies.com

We strive to be an entrepreneurial and reliable business partner that provides the highest quality business solutions, excels in its operations and forges strong and long-term relationships with our business partners and stakeholders at large.

Our corporate principles: Integrity, Partnership, Entrepreneurship, and Impact guide the company’s operations and business worldwide in a responsible manner. These principles help us to fulfill our purpose and to achieve our vision. They reflect who we are, what we do and what we expect from ourselves and others.


We walk the talk and honour our word. We respect our commitments to our stakeholders, both externally and internally. We don’t give up.


We approach our partners in a positive manner and we act on the basis of trust. We strongly value long term personal and business relationships. We are transparent and open for dialogue in order to connect our partners to a dedicated and value added supply chain. We cannot do it alone.


Count is a breeding ground for entrepreneurship. We consider the fast-changing world as a window of opportunities. We are market driven and constantly looking for more opportunities for success and we regard taking and managing risk as our core business. We are dedicated to learning new ways to successfully implement our long term goals. We think “outside in”.


We strive for real, structural and measurable impact in creating a sustainable economic, social and environmental value. We expect to create this value via superior customer service, operational control and in- and external information flow. We care about others and mind the details.